The Whole Gang!


At the end of a eventful day, parents/sponsers joined "our kids" to show their Bullish Spirit - (from left to right), Matthew Parisi with his mom, Theresa Scott; Jo Lynn Raudebaugh with her niece, Rachel Formosa; Amy Murrell with her daughter, Makayla; Cindy Kish and her daugher, Samantha; Alanna Culver with Kathy Black; Laurencia Gonzales and her daughter M'Shiari; Carolyn Dyson with her crew, Sarah Kate, Jessie, and Tyler; Linda Sweeting with Jasmine Freeman; Catherine Day with her daughter, Olivia Ogles, and Valerie Lipscomb's daughters, Vanessa and Natalie; Maria Wallace with her kids, Alex and Samantha Wallace.

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