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Dual Enrollment

The dual enrollment program allows qualified high school students to enroll in selected college courses to satisfy high school graduation requirements while earning college credit. The enrollment process is initiated through the high school guidance counselor and/or home school liaison.

At this time, the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee does not offer dual enrollment or early admission. However, courses earned through the program are accepted and will be counted toward a baccalaureate degree at USFSM.

USFSM considers any course that contains the common course designation and numbering system, but students should confer with an advisor to ensure the transferability of credits. USFSM does not usually count for university credits college preparatory instruction, other forms of pre-collegiate instruction, and physical education courses that focus on the execution of a skill rather than the intellectual attributes of the activity.

USFSM will assess Dual Enrollment credits. If they meet the criteria, USFSM will add the credits to student transcripts to count toward the completion of a degree. After these students graduate from high school and enter USFSM, they will be considered First Time in College (FTIC) and assigned to the Freshmen class for their university experience.