USFSM Campus Indicators 2009-10 Final Report


Campus Indicators 2010-11 Final Report

Download PDF file of 2010-11 Campus Indicators Final Report  

Click on items below for graphs of the indicators from multi-years.

A. Program Growth B. Program Outcomes C. Service D. Financial Performance E. Non-State Funding
1. Resident Faculty
2. Complete Programs
3. Student FTE
4. Citizens Served
5. Courses with Tech Upgrades
6. Undergrad Degrees
7. Grad Degrees
8. Retention Rate
9. Internships
10. Faculty Service 11. Operating Budget
12. Campus Reserves
13. Continuing Education Income

14. Grants Submitted
15. Grants Received
16. Private Donations
   a. Endowment
   b. Operating
   c. Phys Plant
17. Donors
18. Proposals Submitted


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